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It’s Hot in Buffalo. Is Your AC Working at Its Best?

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There is no denying that the heat is here in Buffalo, and if your AC is not working at its best, you may not only be miserable, but by leaving the issue unresolved, you can be causing long-term damage to your HVAC system.

It’s safe to say that summer is here in Buffalo, New York. With some of the hottest weather upon us and to come, you and your family are probably turning to your home’s air conditioning for some relief. Is your AC working at its best? Having AC that isn’t working effectively is not a problem that most people want to have for a long time, or even at all, especially with some of the warmest weather in our future. We are going to review some indications that your air conditioner is not living up to its full potential.

What Is the Hottest Month of the Year in Buffalo?

Anytime that your AC is not working at its best it’s less than ideal; however, that is especially true when it comes to the hottest month of the year in Buffalo, July. Yes, July, as in the month we are in right now.

According to Weather & Climate, July in Buffalo has an average maximum temperature of around 81°F and is the warmest month of the year.

What Are Some Signs Your AC Is Not Working at Its Best?

We have reviewed some common air conditioning issues before, and while those are all signs that you many need a new HVAC system, there are a few specific indications to watch for that can alert you that your AC is overworking or on the fritz. With July being the hottest month in Buffalo, now is the time to pay extra close attention to your air conditioner’s performance.

Watch for the below signs that your AC is not working at its best, so you can catch a potential problem early and have it fixed before you are without cool air.

No Cool Air: This one is quite obvious. If your Buffalo air conditioning is on and there is no air coming out, or the air feels warm, this is a sign that you have a problem. If you notice that your air conditioning system simply isn’t doing its job and even at full blast, the air coming from your vents isn’t as cold as it used to be or isn’t cold at all, contact a local AC repair professional to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Weak Airflow: If there is little or lower than normal airflow coming through your vents, there could be numerous causes, all of which are causing your AC to not work at its best. Instead of turning the temperature down and fan up, you should figure out what the true issue is. Overworking your system to compensate for the poor airflow and distribution will only cause you more issues.

Moisture and Leaking: If your air conditioning is leaking that’s almost always a sign that something is wrong with your system. Depending on what is causing the moisture to develop around your AC, your system may not be working at its best and doing its job to remove moisture from the air. Moisture or leakage around or near your system can be an indication of problems with the refrigerant, drain line, drain pan, air filter, and more. This should not go ignored.

New Sounds and Odors: Your senses can tell you if your AC is struggling to work at its best. Pay attention to new noises and smells that are coming from your system. Anytime you notice a different sound or odor with your HVAC system, you should contact a Buffalo HVAC expert to help. These new annoyances can lead to much larger issues if unresolved and are usually your system trying to tell you something.

There is no denying that the heat is here in Buffalo, and if your AC is not working at its best, you may not only be miserable, but by leaving the issue unresolved, you can be causing long-term damage to your HVAC system.

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