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    Maintenance Plans

    Since 1921, our team of Western NY’s top notch service specialists have been serving the area and caring for thousands of customers. At Reimer, we do everything in our power to ensure that your home comfort system works efficiently and effectively every time you turn it on.

    • Multi-Point System Inspection
    • Calibrate System for Efficiency
    • Ensure Proper Airflow
    • Maintain System Warranties
    • Reduces Unexpected Breakdowns
    • Evaluate Filtration & Indoor Air Quality
    • Routine Maintenance Leads to Reduced Utility Bills and Extends the Life of your System(s)

    What you can’t see could hurt you.

    Do you know what’s in your home’s air?


    Viruses, including COVID-19, and bacteria can linger and recirculate in indoor air, quickly spreading illness throughout the home. When inhaled, these germs can quickly make others sick.


    We all know our homes are full of dust. But, you may not know just how much of it there is. Dust can trigger allergies, exacerbate the symptoms of ill family members, and leave surfaces dirty.


    Do your springtime allergies seem to follow you indoors? If so, you probably have tree and flower pollen in your home’s air. High pollen concentrations mean there’s no escape from allergy symptoms.

    Mold & Mildew

    Mold and mildew particles can start to make people sick long before their source is discovered. In fact, many homeowners first find out they have a mold issue when they get their IAQ report.

    Pet Hair & Dander

    Our pets are amazing. But, as anyone with allergies can attest, their hair and dander is not. It’s no surprise that cat and dog hair are in your air, but – as with dust – you’d be surprised by how much.


    We willing keep and use a variety of pollutants in our own homes. This includes aerosol sprays, cleaning products, woodworking and finishing solutions, car pollutants, and more. It’s all in your air.




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    Chris Reimer was at my home and did a great job was very nice guy to have work in my home and gave me no run arounds. I would for sure use again thank you very much!!

    – Matthew Dillon

    Chris L. Is a wonderful man. Put my mind at ease immediately when he looked at the problems which turned out not to be as bad as we thought. I will definitely use them again. Great service!

    – Janice Kaled

    Chris and Kevin were excellent! The issue involved plumbing. Accomplished all that was needed at the time. They are returning for additional work as well. The annual contract has great value , and gives homeowner piece of mind when problems arise! I just signed up for mine!

    – Kitty Testa

    Additional Resources

    Can poor IAQ really make me sick?
    Can you do something about my home’s humidity?
    Let’s improve your indoor air quality.

    Can poor IAQ really make me sick?

    Unfortunately, yes. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rates poor indoor air quality as an area of major concern, noting that common contaminants, endlessly redistributed by a central air system, can contribute to allergy symptoms and sickness. Of course, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has also drawn attention to the issue of poor indoor air quality, and how viruses can quickly spread through indoor spaces to infect new victims.

    Can you do something about my home’s humidity?

    Poor humidity balance causes a lot of comfort and health problems in the home. In the summers, excess indoor humidity makes rooms feel hotter and can lead to mold and mildew growth. In the winter, cold, dry air causes skin and lips to crack, while making indoor air feel even colder. By balancing your humidity, Reimer can make your home much more comfortable and make the cooling and heating you already pay for go a lot further. Talk to us today about humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

    Let’s improve your indoor air quality.

    If you haven't scheduled a fall HVAC tune-up from Reimer, now's the perfect time to call us and get yours booked.

    Root Causes

    IAQ issues can stem from a variety of sources. In some homes, an IAQ test reveals mold spores, indicating that there’s mold growth somewhere. This is why an IAQ test is an important starting point.

    Different Types of Air Filters for your Buffalo Home

    Air Filters

    A physical air filtration system can help capture airborne contaminants, trapping them until the filter is cleaned. It’s the same principle your HVAC filter uses. However, this doesn’t work on germs.

    We're proud to install Nature's Home high-performance air scrubbers here in Buffalo, NY.

    Air Scrubbers

    An air scrubber is one of the most-effective IAQ solutions. Air scrubbers capture all airborne contaminants—dust, dirt, and pollen, but also viruses and bacteria—thoroughly purifying indoor air.

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