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In Rochester’s chilly winters, a robust and efficient boiler system is essential. Reimer HVAC is here to ensure your home’s heating needs are met with top-notch boiler installation and replacement services. We specialize in a range of solutions, including gas boilers, oil-to-gas conversions, electric boilers, radiant heat systems, and steam boilers & steam heat systems, tailored for Rochester and Western New York homes.

Our team at Reimer HVAC is not just about installing a new boiler; we’re about enhancing your home’s heating efficiency and comfort. We bring the latest in boiler technology and a wealth of experience to every installation, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific heating requirements. Choose Reimer HVAC for a seamless transition to a high-performing, reliable boiler system. We are committed to offering options that ensure your warmth and comfort throughout the winter season.

For professional boiler installation or replacement services in Rochester, NY, reach out to Reimer HVAC at (716) 272-2371. Let us help make your home warmer and more energy-efficient.

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    Expert Boiler Installation and Replacement in Rochester, NY

    At Reimer HVAC, we understand that every home in Rochester, NY, has unique heating needs and preferences. This is the reason we provide a wide array of boiler installation and replacement services tailored to meet different needs and financial plans. Whether you’re enhancing your current system or setting up a new one, our expert technicians are ready to deliver top-notch heating solutions.

    From traditional gas boilers to advanced high-efficiency models, our service offerings are diverse and inclusive. We specialize in installing a variety of boilers, including gas boilers, electric models, and systems that integrate innovative technologies like radiant heat or steam-to-hot water conversions. Our expertise also extends to oil-to-gas conversions and upgrading existing gas boilers to enhance their efficiency and performance.

    Here’s an overview of the types of boilers we install, each chosen for its reliability, efficiency, and ability to provide consistent warmth during Rochester’s demanding winters:

    Gas Boilers

    Gas boilers are a favored option among numerous homeowners because of their effectiveness and affordability. They operate by utilizing natural gas to heat water, which is subsequently distributed throughout your residence via radiators or an underfloor heating system. At Reimer HVAC, we install a variety of gas boilers, from standard models to high-efficiency units, ensuring that you have a reliable and energy-efficient heating solution that meets your specific needs.

    Oil-to-Gas Conversions

    Switching from oil to gas heating can notably enhance your home’s energy efficiency and lower heating expenses. Our oil-to-gas conversion service involves replacing your existing oil boiler with a more efficient and environmentally friendly gas boiler. This process not only lowers fuel consumption but also reduces your carbon footprint, making it a smart choice for both your wallet and the environment.

    Electric Boilers

    For homes without access to natural gas lines, electric boilers offer an effective heating solution. These boilers use electricity to heat water, providing a clean and efficient source of warmth. Electric boilers are recognized for their compact dimensions, making them an excellent choice for smaller spaces or residences where gas installation may not be feasible. Our electric boiler options at Reimer HVAC are chosen for their reliability and performance, ensuring comfortable heating in any home.

    Radiant Heat Systems

    Radiant heat systems offer a unique and comfortable way to heat your home. Unlike traditional heating systems that heat air, these systems use hot water from a boiler to heat floors or panels in the walls or ceilings, distributing heat evenly throughout the space. Electric boilers offer a reliable and efficient heat source, eliminating the cold spots often associated with forced-air systems. At Reimer HVAC, we specialize in integrating radiant heat systems with your boiler, ensuring a seamless and energy-efficient heating solution.

    Steam Boilers & Steam Heat Systems

    Steam boilers and steam heat systems are a time-tested method of heating, particularly suited for older homes and buildings in Rochester. These systems operate by heating water to produce steam, which then circulates through radiators to warm the space. Despite being an older technology, they continue to be efficient and reliable with regular maintenance. Our expertise at Reimer HVAC includes the installation and servicing of steam boilers, ensuring they operate safely and efficiently.

    High-Efficiency Gas Boiler Installations

    High-efficiency gas boilers represent the forefront of modern heating technology. These boilers boast higher AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings compared to standard models, meaning they convert a greater amount of fuel into usable heat. This increased efficiency leads to reduced heating costs and a smaller environmental footprint. Our team at Reimer HVAC is experienced in the installation of these cutting-edge systems, providing you with a heating solution that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

    Condensing Boilers

    Condensing boilers represent a significant leap in boiler technology, primarily in terms of energy efficiency. These systems are designed to capture heat that would normally escape through the flue, using it to further heat the water within the system. This process results in much higher efficiency and lower energy usage compared to traditional boilers. Reimer HVAC offers condensing boiler installations, providing an eco-friendly solution that can significantly reduce your home’s carbon footprint and heating bills.

    Gas Boiler Upgrades for Radiant Heating

    Upgrading your gas boiler can enhance the performance of your radiant heating system. Modern gas boilers are more efficient and reliable, providing consistent heat for your radiant system with less energy waste. At Reimer HVAC, we specialize in upgrading existing gas boilers, ensuring they are perfectly matched with your radiant heating setup for optimal warmth and efficiency throughout your home.

    Steam-to-Hot Water Conversions

    Converting a steam heating system to a hot water system can offer improved efficiency and more consistent heating. This process involves replacing your old steam boiler with a new hot water boiler, along with necessary modifications to your heating distribution system. Reimer HVAC specializes in custom steam-to-hot water conversions designed to optimize your heating system, offering a more cost-effective and comfortable solution for your home.

    Boiler Install/Replace FAQ

    Signs Your Boiler Needs to be Replaced
    Choosing the Right Boiler for Your Rochester Home

    Maintenance Plans

    Since 1921, our team of Western NY’s top notch service specialists have been serving the area and caring for thousands of customers. At Reimer, we do everything in our power to ensure that your home comfort system works efficiently and effectively every time you turn it on.

    • Multi-Point System Inspection
    • Calibrate System for Efficiency
    • Ensure Proper Airflow
    • Maintain System Warranties
    • Reduces Unexpected Breakdowns
    • Evaluate Filtration & Indoor Air Quality
    • Routine Maintenance Leads to Reduced Utility Bills and Extends the Life of your System(s)

    Top-Notch Boiler Installation and Replacement in Rochester, NY

    Finding the perfect boiler for your Rochester home can be a challenging process, but you don’t have to go through it by yourself. At Reimer HVAC, we’re committed to providing you with not just a new boiler but a complete heating solution that meets your specific needs.

    From understanding the subtleties of different boiler types to ensuring compliance with local regulations, we’re here every step of the way. Our extensive range of services includes everything from gas boilers to electric models, oil-to-gas conversions, and cutting-edge radiant heat systems.

    Our primary goal is to provide you with boiler installations that prioritize efficiency, reliability, and comfort in your home. With our expertise, you can have confidence that your new boiler will be well-equipped to handle the harsh winters of Rochester.

    Don’t let another cold season pass with an outdated or inefficient boiler. Reach out to Reimer HVAC at (716) 272-2371 for expert boiler installation and replacement services in Rochester, NY. Allow us to assist you in transitioning to a heating system that aligns seamlessly with your home and daily life.




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