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How to find the best company for new furnace Installs

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Quality furnaces are should be able to last at least 20 years. Remember though, they are complex heating systems which require proper installation and regular maintenance. You will only get the maximum benefits if a reputable company is the one that installs the system in your home. Aside from being reputable, ideally the company should be able to provide you with affordable repair and maintenance services (i.e. preventing gas leakage, fixing thermostat issues, etc). This article will show you how to find a good company offering new furnace installs in your area.

Do research online

Start by asking your friends about their experience with furnace companies. They can tell you which of the companies in your area are offering new furnace installs. Write down the pros and cons of each company that your friends mention. Then, see if the companies have their own websites. If a company has no website, you should immediately look elsewhere.

A reliable furnace company will always have a good informative website. The website gives you a chance to learn more about the company’s services, promotions and prices.

Reviews are another way to spot a good company for your new furnace. Reading reviews, you will see what customers like or dislike about a certain company.

Ask for references

Provided that you do the research, you will end up with a few potential companies in mind. Ask them if they can give you a contact list of their satisfied clients. Once you get that list, call some of the clients and ask for a brief talk regarding their experience with the furnace company in question. They will help you by sharing information about the company’s professionalism and overall satisfaction.

Check for a license and insurance

Don’t forget to check if the company has the proper license to perform new furnace installs – it’s proof that your heating system will be installed by a team of technicians who have participated in apprenticeship programs. It also means they have the skills to provide maintenance in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

A company with integrity and experience doesn’t assemble a team of technicians without insurance. You never know when these technicians can find themselves in dangerous situations, and you shouldn’t be held responsible for any injures during the furnace installation. Ask the contractor if their technicians are in possession of the Certificate of Insurance. This insurance should cover general, professional and commercial liability.

Ask for an interview

Interviewing the contractors you are interested in is great for analyzing their manners. A good conversation can help you conclude that the contractor understands what you need and is able to provide it right away. If a contractor is only trying to sell you a product without even listening to your inquiries regarding the budget you are willing to spend, you should avoid them at all costs.

Seek evaluation of current heating system

Professional furnace companies won’t charge you for their service before examining your current heating system. The examination is based on evaluating the system, ducts, as well as your entire home. After this process, the contractor can safely estimate the price of the new heating system and provide you with the details.

Labor costs should also be considered. All new furnace installs include labor costs which don’t have a fixed price. Usually, the companies charge $75/hour for installations. So, always have this amount in mind and make sure you are not overpaying the technicians – you may end up paying more than $1,000 for labor alone.

Question everything

Give your contractor a hard time by asking them everything about the installation process. Ask specific questions about the heating system and the components that should be installed. The contractor shouldn’t hesitate to answer all of your questions if you’ve already made an agreement. Ask for an in-depth explanation of how the new furnace will work.

Which furnace models are more efficient? Which ones can benefit you financially? These questions are only some of the ones your contractor should be willing to answer without hesitation.

Read the written estimate on new furnace installs

Don’t sign anything without reading the written estimate first. This document covers almost every detail of the installation and its costs. It is better if you can get 3 written quotes before you decide which company is the best for you. Check every paragraph of the document and make sure you understand the terms of the installation process.

Make sure there is detailed information regarding the expected energy efficiency, model type, installation schedule, warranty and labor cost. Without the written estimate, you won’t know how much the company is going to charge you for new furnace installs.

Check if the contractor offers Day or Night support

Quality companies invest time in building trust with every potential customer. They thrive on excellent repair services and Day or Night customer support.

Even a brand new heating system can experience mechanical issues after a while. Therefore, your heating contractor should be able to offer you support at all times. Unfortunately, many contractors exclude this service from the agreement. As a result, you may have to search for a new furnace company to estimate the cost of the issue and send technicians to solve it.

Check the furnace brand

Learn more about the brands of furnaces the heating companies provide. Even if you are not the one choosing the brand, there is no harm in learning about the heating system you will have in your home. Older furnaces are less energy efficient, unlike new ones. New furnace installs include vent dampers to prevent the heated air from escaping.


Warranties can save you a fortune when it comes to dealing with malfunctioning heating systems. Search for a company that offers a warranty on each component of the furnace. Many contractors offer limited 10-year warranties upon registration, so you won’t have to worry if the furnace starts malfunctioning after a while. The No Hassle Replacement warranty is among the best deals you can get from a furnace company. Therefore, you should always ask the contractors if they can include it in their offer.

You can call us, at Remier Home Services, for the most advanced heating systems in the country. We are an experienced furnace contractor with certified technicians who have knowledge of all furnace makes and models. Our key priority is energy efficiency, and all of our services and new furnace installs are available at competitive prices.

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