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Why Does My Home Have Low Water Pressure?

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If You Have Low Water Pressure in Your Buffalo, New York Home It Is Sure to Be at the Top of Your List of Annoyances!

There is nothing quite like going to hop in the shower, only to find that the water is at less than a trickle because there is water running somewhere else in your home. If you have low water pressure in your Buffalo, New York home it is sure to be at the top of your list of annoyances. Having low water pressure can be frustrating and leave you wondering, “Why does my home have low water pressure?” We are going to review some of the main reasons you may find your water pressure at a less-than-acceptable level.

What Is Water Pressure?

Before we can get into why your home has low water pressure, we thought it would be important to cover what water pressure actually is in the first place. Water pressure refers to the amount of force, or pounds per square inch, that water moves through pipes and water taps. It is what makes the flow of water strong or weak.

Water pressure that is too strong can damage plumbing, and when too weak, it can cause many other frustrations like taking a long time to fill a sink or tub, not being able to get enough water to a garden or clean your car, less than desirable showers, and more.

So what is the “right” water pressure level for your home? Residential water pressure should range between 45 and 80 psi (pounds per square inch). If your water pressure is below 40 psi it is considered low. The average person doesn’t need to measure the water pressure to know it is low. When your home has low water pressure, you know.

Why Does My Home Have Low Water Pressure?

There are several things that can impact your home’s water pressure, some that are in your control and some that are not. Let’s review a few of the reasons why your home may have low water pressure.

Water Supply is Low (Out of Your Control): Before you start searching around your plumbing to try and find the cause of your low pressure, the first thing you should do, is ask others around you if they also have a low flow of water. It is common for low water pressure to be caused by the water supplier or your city. If this is an issue, you can call the supplier or city to investigate and try to get them to resolve the issue. If there is nothing that can be done, you can install a water pressure booster system to try and help increase the pressure in your home.

Main Shutoff Valve isn’t Fully Open: If the problem is only in your home, the low pressure could be because the main shutoff valve in your home is not fully opened. Locate your main shutoff valve, usually inside your home near with the main water supply comes in, and make sure it is opened all the way. A valve that is only partially opened can create lowered than desired pressure.

Clogged or Blocked Pipes: Believe it or not, clogged or blocked plumbing can have an impact on your home’s water pressure. Not only do clogged pipes impact your plumbing from draining, it can keep water from fully getting to the faucets and fixtures. This type of issue is hard to diagnose on your own, as the clog or blockage can be anywhere throughout your home’s plumbing. If you suspect this is the issue, contact a Buffalo plumbing expert to help you resolve the problem.

Plumbing Leaks: You don’t have to have a major plumbing leak around your home for it to impact the water pressure. Even the smallest leak around a faucet can cause a decrease in pressure. Check your pipes and fixtures to ensure everything is tight-fitting and there is no leaky water. If any water is escaping from your plumbing, it can lead you to asking, “Why does my home have low water pressure?”

Low Water Pressure Issues in Your Buffalo, NY Home?

At Reimer Home Services, we can help you find the root cause of your issue, and, if the cause is within your home’s plumbing, we can help resolve it and get your pressure back to a desirable range.

When you need a plumber in Buffalo, don’t hesitate to call or contact us online.  

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