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Air Conditioning Maintenance and Tune-Up Service in Rochester, NY

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Keeping your home cool and comfortable is essential, particularly during those scorching summer months. But did you know that your air conditioner’s efficiency hinges largely on regular maintenance?

Just like a car, your air conditioner needs consistent tune-ups to perform at its best—and to avoid untimely breakdowns.

That’s where we come in.

Reimer HVAC is a superior air conditioning maintenance and tune-up service provider in Rochester, NY. Our technicians possess a wealth of experience and expertise that ensure your air conditioner operates at peak performance.

Choosing our AC maintenance services gives you access to more than just a product—you get a professional team who’s dedicated to satisfy your cooling needs.

Got questions? Contact us at (585) 357-0443 today to book an appointment.

How Often Should You Get AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups?

Your air conditioner needs to be serviced and tuned up at least once a year.

Regular maintenance helps to detect problems before they escalate into costly issues. Not to mention, it can improve the effectiveness and durability of your system.

Planning springtime maintenance will help you get ready for the busy summer season.

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

Preventing malfunctions isn’t the only upside to regular maintenance. It has many uses that elevate the comfort of your home and the performance of your cooling system.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Air conditioner efficiency declines with age and use, just like any other machine.

Keeping up with routine AC maintenance ensures that your system runs as smoothly as possible.

You’ll be more comfortable and save money on utility bills by making this single improvement to your house.

Improved Air Quality

Your system’s air filters can easily accumulate debris and pollutants with prolonged use. If your air conditioner’s air filter is blocked, it can cause your AC unit to stop producing cool air, overheat, and possibly break down.

As such, regular maintenance and tune-ups is beneficial for air conditioners. Your home will have less dust, pollen, and other allergens floating in the air.

Extended Air Conditioner Lifespan

Air conditioners benefit from preventative AC maintenance just as much as cars do from regular oil changes.

Premature system replacement can be avoided if problems are detected and fixed before they have a chance to escalate.

Enhanced Comfort

Inconsistent temperatures and other discomforts can be avoided with routine maintenance.


If your air conditioner is in excellent condition, you may expect more reliable cooling and better overall comfort inside your house.

Book professional AC maintenance services from Reimer HVAC, today! Call (585) 357-0443.

Fewer Breakdowns

Losing your air conditioning system on a hot day is one of life’s most inconvenient situations. This can be avoided with consistent maintenance and tune-ups, which help to detect problems before they cause a breakdown.

With consistent tune-ups, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your air conditioning unit is less likely to let you down when you need it most.

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance and Tune-Up Services

At Reimer HVAC, we take great pride in providing a full range of air conditioner maintenance and tune-up options for your air conditioner.

From checking the functionality of your thermostat to evaluating the ventilation in your home, we pay close attention to every component.

The range of our professional assistance includes:

Consistent Thermostat Monitoring

We perform a detailed check of your thermostat operations. This guarantees that your air conditioner is properly reacting to temperature changes, increasing both comfort and performance.

Air Filter Management

Depending on their condition, your AC unit’s air filters will be cleaned or replaced as part of our maintenance plan. This ensures the highest possible indoor air quality and AC functionality.

Airflow and Cooling Output Verification

We verify your home’s airflow and cooling temperature output to ensure your AC system is adequately cooling your space. Furthermore, we check for air leaks and AC condenser unit blockages.

Refrigerant Charge Checks and Adjustments

Our technicians perform a detailed check of your AC’s refrigerant charge and make necessary adjustments.

This process ensures your AC is not undercharged or overcharged, both of which can impair system performance.

Please note that additional costs apply for refrigerant leak checks, repairs, and adding refrigerant.

Comprehensive Coil Cleaning

We chemically clean your outdoor unit condenser and evaporator coils to improve your system’s efficiency.

However, in cases where your indoor unit also requires cleaning, our team will advise and handle this at an additional cost.

Motor Lubrication

We lubricate the fan motor to reduce friction, which helps in improving the system’s operations.

Electrical Components Inspection

We inspect all AC electrical components, including the condenser coil, fan blade, and compressor for wear and damage. This prevents potential malfunctions and enhances system longevity.

Electrical Connections Tightening

Loose electrical lines can lead to a host of AC problems. We inspect and tighten any loose connections to keep your AC running smoothly.

Fan Speed Checks and Adjustments

We assess your fan speeds and make necessary adjustments to ensure your AC is cooling your home efficiently and effectively.

Drain Line Inspection and Cleaning

Our technicians inspect the drain line and drain pan for potential clogs.

We also perform basic drain line cleaning to prevent water damage and mold growth.

Temperature Differential Recording

We check and digitally record the air temperature differential between the supply and return air system.

This helps us ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible.

Pre and Post Tune-Up Performance Measurement

We digitally measure your air conditioning equipment’s performance before and after the tune-up to validate the effectiveness of our service.

Our Maintenance Process

We take a rigorous and comprehensive approach to maintenance to guarantee that your air conditioner is properly taken care of. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps we follow:

Step 1: Comprehensive System Assessment

When you call us, the first thing we do is inspect your air conditioner system. This inspection allows us to identify potential issues and understand the overall condition of your equipment.

Step 2: Maintenance Plan Development

Based on the results of our initial assessment, we customize your service plan to address the specific needs of your AC system.

This step ensures that each area of concern is addressed properly during the process.

Step 3: Execution of Maintenance Tasks

Following the custom plan, we carry out all necessary tasks, including:

  • cleaning
  • replacing filters
  • checking and adjusting refrigerant levels
  • inspecting electrical components
  • and more…

Our team will work diligently to enhance your system’s performance and extend its lifespan.

Step 4: System Testing

After the maintenance tasks, we thoroughly test your system to ensure it’s operating optimally. We also digitally record the difference in your system’s performance before and after the maintenance.

Step 5: Client Reporting and Feedback

We provide you with a detailed report on the work done and any additional recommendations for your system. We encourage your feedback to ensure we’re providing the highest level of service.

Affordable Maintenance Plans

At Reimer HVAC, we believe quality maintenance shouldn’t be a financial burden. That’s why we offer affordable maintenance plans to cater to different budgets and needs.

Our goal is to provide premium service that ensures your comfort without straining your wallet.

Here’s what’s covered by our service plans:

Multi-Point System Inspection

  • Calibrate System for Efficiency
  • Ensure Proper Airflow
  • Maintain System Warranties
  • Reduces Unexpected Breakdowns
  • Evaluate Filtration & Indoor Air Quality
  • Routine Maintenance Leads to Reduced Utility Bills and Extends the Life of your System(s)

Invest in an affordable maintenance plan with Reimer HVAC today, and enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained, efficient, and long-lasting AC system.

Contact us at (585) 357-0443 to start planning!

Signs Your Air Conditioning System Is Due for Maintenance

Recognizing the signs that your AC unit needs servicing can save you from costly repairs or even a full system replacement. Here are a few indicators that it might be time to call us for a tune-up:

  • Inconsistent Temperatures
  • Increase in Energy Bills
  • Odd Noises from Your AC
  • Poor Air Quality
  • Older Units
  • Frequent Cycles
  • High Humidity
  • Leakage or Moisture
  • Bad Odors

If you’re noticing any of these signs, get in touch with us at Reimer HVAC for comprehensive air conditioner maintenance.

Why Choose Reimer HVAC for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Here at Reimer HVAC, we want to be more than just another service provider; we want to be a one-stop shop for maintaining a pleasant and healthy living space.

We combine our in-depth industry knowledge, skilled technicians, and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver first-rate services.

Our fully licensed and insured staff is dedicated to providing excellent service for each and every one of our clients.

Plus, we guide you through each step, offering expert advice for your peace of mind!

Your Comfort is Our Priority – Let’s Get Started Today!

Don’t wait for your air conditioning system to break down before giving it the care it needs. Act now and ensure your comfort is never compromised.

At Reimer HVAC, we are ready and eager to provide you with first-rate air conditioning maintenance and tune-up services in Rochester, NY.

Get in touch with us today, and let our team of experienced professionals provide the expert care your AC system needs. Because at Reimer HVAC, your comfort is not just our job – it’s our priority.

Schedule your maintenance service now!

What Our Clients Say

Chris and Kevin were excellent! The issue involved plumbing. Accomplished all that was needed at the time. They are returning for additional work as well. The annual contract has great value , and gives homeowner piece of mind when problems arise! I just signed up for mine!

-Kitty Testa

Chris L. Is a wonderful man. Put my mind at ease immediately when he looked at the problems which turned out not to be as bad as we thought. I will definitely use them again. Great service!

-Janice Kaled

Chris Reimer was at my home and did a great job was very nice guy to have work in my home and gave me no run arounds. I would for sure use again thank you very much!!

-Matthew Dillon

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