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Plumbing Problems You Could Face this Fall

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Is Your Home’s Plumbing Ready for the Colder Weather Ahead?

Fall is in the air, can you feel it? While you may be enjoying the pumpkins, cool breezes, and colors of the leaves changing, plumbing issues could be looming in your Buffalo home. We know, it’s the last thing you want to think about; however, the good news is, a lot of these issues can be avoided. Let’s take a look at some plumbing problems you could face this fall, so you can get in front of them before they emerge.

Plumbing Problems You Could Face this Fall

Let’s face it, we are no strangers to the extreme weather changes we have in Buffalo, New York. One day it may feel like summer is never going to end, and the next we are huddled under blankets and next to a fireplace. As much as the temperature changes affect us, they do the same to our home’s plumbing. Because of this, there are plumbing problems you could face this fall. To avoid any major issues or your home not having hot water when you need it most, you can try to get in front of them. Let’s review.

Water Heater Failure: Most people don’t think about this, but as the weather gets colder, our hot water heaters need to work much harder. Not only do we tend to increase our usage of hot water, the water that is entering the water heater is sometimes near 25 degrees colder than in the warmer months of the year. This can put a major strain on your unit, as it needs to work much harder to keep up and heat the water. It is recommended that you check your water heater before winter to ensure it can tackle the added work. Look for signs that you may need a new hot water heater before it is too late.

Clogged Drains: As we know, clogged drains can happen anytime, but falling leaves can actually enhance the problem. While the colorful leaves are fun to look at, they can cause issues for your plumbing. Yes, even though they are outdoors. Leaves that build up around the outside of your home and in your gutters can create a blockage in your home’s drainage system, causing your drains not to work as they should. To prevent this issue, regularly remove leaves and other debris from your yard. Don’t wait until you have an issue with water going down a drain to think about this plumbing problem you could face this fall.

Frozen Pipes: This is probably the most well-known and possibly the most dreaded plumbing problem you could face as the colder weather sets in, frozen pipes. A frozen pipe is not just inconvenient, it is at risk of bursting and flooding your home. Water has a unique property; it expands as it freezes. This expansion puts tremendous pressure on whatever is containing it, including metal or plastic pipes. No matter the strength of a container, expanding water can cause pipes to break. You can protect your home’s pipes from the colder weather, so they are ready to handle the seasons ahead. Check out our tips to avoid frozen pipes in your Buffalo, New York home.

Outdoor Faucet Problems: Much like frozen pipes, your outdoor faucets can freeze in the colder weather. This can cause the water to flood back into your home, or make your faucet not work when you go to use it again in the spring. As the colder weather sets in, you should drain and turn off all of your outdoor faucets to prevent them from freezing and potentially bursting. Shut off the faucets at their shutoff valves. If you need to leave yours on, be sure you have a frost-free sill cock. A sill cock (or hose bib) is an outdoor water faucet located on your home that is usually threaded for attaching a hose. If your home does not already have freeze-proof sill cocks, it is recommended that you upgrade your sill cocks. A frost-free sill cock has a stem that is longer, usually 6 to 12 inches long. It prevents cold weather from freezing your pipes because the stem washer and seat valve reside inside your warmed up home.

Fall is here in Buffalo, NY and as much as that may excite us for many reasons, we also need to prepare our homes and be aware of and try to prevent the plumbing problems we could face as the cooler breezes set in.

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