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Heating and Cooling Buffalo NY – Tune Ups and Repair

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Having a heating and cooling system working at peak efficiency is one of the most important things to ensure for every household. In order to keep your HVAC system working properly, you should ensure proper maintenance on a regular basis. Our experienced heating and cooling Buffalo NY professionals recommend regular HVAC tune ups and quick repairs, when needed.

Why is regular tune up essential for optimal HVAC performance?

A regular HVAC tune up is very important for the system’s optimal performance and longevity. Such a tune up usually includes a thermostat check, a return air filter check, checking the blower wheel and motor stability, etc. Regular tune ups can prevent expensive repairs later on and give you a peace of mind by keeping your heating and cooling systems at working condition.

When performed on a regular basis (once or twice per year), HVAC tune ups guarantee a prolonged life cycle of your heating and cooling system. These routine checks are especially important before the beginning of the main heating and cooling periods of the year. Avoiding the tune ups may result in freezing low temperatures in your home/building in winter, or unbearably high temperatures over the summer.  

The routine tune ups usually include filter checks. HVAC filters are one of the key parts of your heating and cooling system. They prevent dust and dirt from blocking your HVAC unit. When these filters are clean, your unit will certainly work properly and more efficiently. Excessive dust and dirt can cause damage in the system that will eventually require a major repair. Such repairs can be costly and may take more than a few days.  

Moreover, by keeping your HVAC unit filters clean, you keep the air in your house fresh as well. If there is a dirty filter, the unit may stop producing cool air since the air system’s coil may become frozen. So, instead of having to deal with a pricey repair, our heating and cooling Buffalo NY team advises you to schedule an AC unit tune up on a regular basis. Currently, our AC tune up service will cost you just $79.

Further on, our experienced and skillful technicians inspect the HVAC system contacts, wires, and relays to ensure they all work correctly. These professionals check if there are parts of the unit that require tightening or wires that should be replaced. They also inspect the evaporator coil and check if there is dust or dirt that should be cleaned. In order for the system to work properly, the drain has to be kept clean, too.

In addition, our skilled professionals inspect the condenser, as well as the fan and blades. The condenser may require cleaning, while the fan and blades should be lubricated for the system’s optimal performance.

The HVAC system coolant also needs to be checked annually – or its level and pressure, to be more precise. Without the right level and proper pressure, your unit will not keep your room temperature as desired.

By keeping your HVAC system checked and maintained each season, you can avoid major unexpected expenses for unit repairs. Our technicians are knowledgeable and can notice potential failures and issues before they cause serious damage to your HVAC system and your wallet.

Signs that your heating and cooling system needs repair

When a heating and cooling system runs smoothly, people tend to forget that it should be regularly maintained. In fact, this is the main reason why some people miss out on the regular HVAC system tune ups before the heating or cooling season starts. However, as soon as it stops working properly, they know it is time to repair or replace the unit.

Since every system needs maintenance from time to time, it is always good to recognize the signs – before it is too late. As your heating and cooling system works almost constantly, it’s important to pay attention to these signs.

No matter what the season, if your heating and cooling system doesn’t distribute the desired temperature evenly, it’s a sign that it doesn’t work properly. An uneven temperature is a sure sign that something isn’t right and you should contact an HVAC professional to inspect the possible issue right away.

If you hear strange, unfamiliar sounds coming from the HVAC system, it is another sign that you need to contact professionals. Our experienced heating and cooling Buffalo NY experts can detect the issue and offer you an effective and efficient solution.

One other important indicator that your HVAC system needs to be checked by a professional are higher bills. If your bill is higher for no apparent reason, it’s good to have your heating and cooling system inspected thoroughly. Of course, your energy bill will be higher in August than in April due to the difference in the temperature outside. But, if you notice that it doesn’t correspond with how often you use the HVAC system, it is time for an expert check.

Why do we suggest hiring trustworthy heating and cooling Buffalo NY professionals?

Odd noise, higher energy bills, uneven inside temperatures – these are some of the common signs that indicate the need to hire an HVAC professional. But, why hire the best heating and cooling buffalo NY technicians – Reimer’s experienced professionals? Here’s why.

Heating and cooling systems are complex and expensive. Tune ups and repairs require proper knowledge, skills and experience – otherwise, it can be hazardous. HVAC repairs may include working with gas, electricity or dangerous materials. At Reimer’s, we take our job very seriously. Our main goal is to deliver a high quality service, ensure your safety and give you a peace of mind.

Don’t waste your money on unreasonable energy bills while having to deal with the uneven temperature or odd noise whenever you enter your home/building. Instead of risking your safety and trying to fix your HVAC system by yourself, leave it to our heating and cooling Buffalo NY technicians.

Regular check-ups and maintenance of your HVAC system are a priority if you want to keep it working for many years to come. So, give us a call and schedule an HVAC tune up at least once a year.

What Our Clients Say

Chris and Kevin were excellent! The issue involved plumbing. Accomplished all that was needed at the time. They are returning for additional work as well. The annual contract has great value , and gives homeowner piece of mind when problems arise! I just signed up for mine!

-Kitty Testa

Chris L. Is a wonderful man. Put my mind at ease immediately when he looked at the problems which turned out not to be as bad as we thought. I will definitely use them again. Great service!

-Janice Kaled

Chris Reimer was at my home and did a great job was very nice guy to have work in my home and gave me no run arounds. I would for sure use again thank you very much!!

-Matthew Dillon

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