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Have a leak? Reimer can help you find it

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Have a leak? Reimer can help you find it.

Sometimes, a leak from your home’s pipes or faucets is easy to find, like when it’s in the cabinets under the sink, or a consistent drip into the bathtub. But, what happens when that same leak is behind a wall, in a ceiling, or elsewhere—such as a slab leak? That’s when you call Reimer for professional leak detection.

Using specialized equipment, Reimer can find leaks anywhere in your home, including under concrete slab, inside walls, or in basements. If you have water coming from somewhere it shouldn’t be, call Reimer for Day or Night emergency leak detection service. Our experienced plumbing team will find and seal the leak in no time. Need service? Call us at (716) 694-8524 or contact us online.

In this blog post, we’ll outline just some of the reasons you should call the professionals at Reimer for slab leak detection services.

Preventing water leaks in your home

The best water leak is the one that never happens in the first place. In our latest infographic, we review just a few of the ways proactive homeowners can prevent water leaks before they start.


What kind of leaks does Reimer deal with?

It’s hard to predict just where and when a leak will occur, or why it will occur. Here in Buffalo, New York, a common form of leaking is a frozen pipe bursting, although frozen pipes can lead to smaller fissures and cracks can appear in pipes that lead to a constant dripping. (Learn how to prevent frozen pipes by reading our tips). But, leaks can also appear without the need for frozen water. If you have water pooling on the floor or dripping from an unknown location, you need fast leak detection services.

Besides frozen pipes, here are some of the most common leak scenarios we deal with:

  • Pool, spa, and fountain leaks: A swimming pool or hot tub leak can really damage your property and lead to horrifying water bills. Some signs that you might have a leak include cracks in the pool deck, wet spots in drainage areas, rapid water loss, and a major leap in your water bill. Here are some tips for spotting the point of a leak in your pool, although many leaks are far less obvious and will require professional leak detection.
  • Slab leaks: Many of your home’s water-bearing pipes run under the foundation of your home. When there’s a leak in these pipes, it can be very difficult to determine where the water is coming from without the specialized equipment used by Reimer’s plumbing team. These slab leaks can destroy your home’s foundation left untreated. Reimer can help detect and fix these leaks.
  • Irrigation leaks: The water lines running to your yard can break and leak, costing you hundreds on your monthly water bill. If you can’t determine the source of the irrigation leak, give Reimer a call for emergency leak detection service.

How does Reimer detect a leak under the slab?

Some of our professional leak detection equipment is designed to find even the smallest leak under the concrete slab foundation. One ingenious piece of tech that we use is a device that can detect very minute sounds. After turning off the water, we inject air into the leaking water line using a hose attached to a faucet. This air makes sound as it escapes through the leak, and the device picks up on these slight sound waves and vibrations, pointing us to the exact location of the leak.

Another device we use is a thermal imager. We can use hot and cold water to cause a temperature shift at the point of the leak under the slab. The imager will pick up on this temperature change, pointing to the location.

How does Reimer fix a slab leak?

Once we’ve located the point of the leak, we have several options for repairing the leak under the slab. First, we can do a spot replacement, where we go through the slab at the point of the leak to fix that section of the pipe. However, if the pipe itself is older, this might just be putting a bandage on a larger wound, and we might need to repipe under the foundation so that we’re not back the next year to fix yet another slab leak.

A final option is using in-pipe coating that can be applied without going through the slab. This is most effective for smaller leaks or multiple tiny leaks, and won’t effectively fix larger slab leaks. Yet, it’s less intrusive and doesn’t require cutting into the slab.

Need leak detection? Call Reimer!

At Reimer, we’re your source for professional leak detection and leak repair services. For Day or Night emergency service, call (716) 694-8524 or contact us online.

What Our Clients Say

Chris and Kevin were excellent! The issue involved plumbing. Accomplished all that was needed at the time. They are returning for additional work as well. The annual contract has great value , and gives homeowner piece of mind when problems arise! I just signed up for mine!

-Kitty Testa

Chris L. Is a wonderful man. Put my mind at ease immediately when he looked at the problems which turned out not to be as bad as we thought. I will definitely use them again. Great service!

-Janice Kaled

Chris Reimer was at my home and did a great job was very nice guy to have work in my home and gave me no run arounds. I would for sure use again thank you very much!!

-Matthew Dillon

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