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Common Plumbing Myths: The Truth Behind the Stories

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Let’s Review Some Common Plumbing Myths and Get to the Bottom of Them.

We have all heard myths about everything related to our Buffalo, New York homes, it is no exception when it comes to your plumbing. A myth is simply that, a story that was created but is nothing more than a tale. Perhaps one of the most popular myths is that the Earth is flat. While common plumbing myths may not be as large scale or exciting as the shape of our planet, they are still stories you should be aware of. By knowing and understanding common plumbing myths, you can be aware of your home’s plumbing and stay on top of its health.

Let’s review some common plumbing myths and get to the bottom of them.

Ice Cubes Will Sharpen Your Garbage Disposal

Unfortunately, ice cubes are not a magic tool to sharpen your garbage disposal “blades”; however, ice cubes can be an effective way to keep your disposal clean. Garbage disposals don’t have “blades”, they have grinding mechanisms. The grinding mechanisms shred the food in a disposal (like a cheese grater), so by the time the ice makes it to them, it will be melted. Grinding ice cubes can help to knock off excess and left-over food and make your garbage disposal work better.

Placing a Brick in your Toilet Tank Will Save you Money

A common myth is that placing a brick in your toilet tank helps to save you money in water consumption. In some cases, if done just right, a brick in your tank may save you minimal amounts of dollars in water consumption, but it can lead to long-term issues with your toilet that may cost you more. Using bricks in your toilet tank could lead to problems as the brick disintegrates over time, potentially affecting the flush mechanism and your plumbing.

Hot Water Helps to Dissolve Grease to Prevent a Clog

If putting grease down your drain while running hot water, it may appear that the grease liquefies; however, once the liquefied grease hits your pipes, it cools and solidifies and will build up. The grease attracts food bits, lint and hair, etc., and will eventually cause a blockage in your Buffalo, NY plumbing.  If putting grease down your drain, which is not recommended, wash it down with cold water. Cold water solidifies the grease before it hits your internal plumbing, so it can flow through. If using a disposal, grease being sent down with cold water can easily be processed through the grind.

Flushable Wipes are Flushable

While their name implies they are flushable, flushable wipes, can actually leave you with clogged pipes. This may be a common plumbing myth that you believe because you have flushed a “flushable wipe” before and watched it disappear, but the issue comes further down the line. Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate in our pipes and sewage systems, but wipes are not. They’re typically made with synthetic materials, plastics or polyester, that won’t break down. So even if they flush down your toilet, they end up clogging plumbing and sewers in the long run.

Your Water Heater Is Going to Explode If You Hear Rumbling and Gurgling

It is rare for a water heater to explode and usually new sounds coming from your water heater are signs that you need it cleaned and need annual water heater maintenance. Rumbling or gurgling sounds coming from your water heater are typically caused by an excessive build up in sediment inside the tank. The sound comes from steam bubbles rising through the sediment. Failure to address the issue could lead to early failure of your water heater.

While we have only reviewed a few common plumbing myths, it is important to know that they are out there. If you have plumbing problems, you should call a professional. Your plumbing and water are too important to leave the resolution up to stories and tales.

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