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Signs that you need to call an expert for plumbing help here in Buffalo

When you need emergency plumbing repair, sometimes you’ll just know it, such as when you have a clogged drains, a leaky faucet, or a non-functioning garbage disposal. At other times, how do you know the difference between an emergency and a situation you can resolve with more time? Or, how do you know what the cause of the problem is? In this post, we review the signs of both types of repairs, so that you know when you need to call Reimer Home Services for Day or Night emergency plumbing repair.

You no longer have water

Were the temperatures below freezing last night? If so, a severe loss of water pressure—or lack of water at all—may be an indicator that one of your pipes has either frozen or, worse, burst. A burst water pipe occurs when the water in your pipes freezes solid. Since water expands when it’s frozen, this puts pressure on the interior of the pipe, causing it to crack and release water.

A burst pipe can not only leave you without water, but it can cause major property damage. If you suspect that one of your pipes has frozen, call Reimer immediately for Day or Night emergency service. We’ll dispatch a technician to inspect and, if needed, defrost your pipes.

You no longer have hot water

You wake up in the morning, and, as part of your routine, you step into the shower. Having no hot water is a rude awakening. It may also be a sign that your hot water heater needs to be either repaired or replaced. Trust us: hot water isn’t something you always think about, but you’ll notice when it’s gone. Call Reimer and we’ll help you get it running again.

Depending on the situation and the age of your water heater, you may need to consider a new water heater. Reimer can help. From standard systems to tankless ones, our selection of water heaters provides you with choices, including several energy-efficient setups.

You have a clogged drain

A single clogged drain isn’t a disaster, but it can prevent you from using a sink, bathtub, or toilet until it’s cleared. That’s inconvenient and can really throw you off of your routine. Instead, call Reimer, and we’ll send a plumber out to unclog your drain. We have specialized equipment and tools to remove even the toughest clog.

All the drains in your home are clogging simultaneously

If every drain in your home is clogging at the same time, that could be a sign of a sewer backup, caused by some sort of blockage. Immediately stop using all water fixtures in your home and call Reimer as soon as possible so that we can investigate the situation. Otherwise, the backup may come up and begin to flood your home with… well, we’ll spare you the details. Just call us.

Trust Reimer for your plumbing repair

We’ve been in business since 1921, serving the people of Western New York with exceptional home services like plumbing repair. Our commitment to our customers is reflected in our Day or Night emergency service and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re in need of plumbing repairs, give our team a call. We’d be happy to help you.