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Be Thankful for Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality | Air Scrubbers can Help

Air Scrubbers

Did you know that you don’t just have to rely on your air filters to help you have fresh air?

If it seems like we talk a lot about your Buffalo home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) and your air filters, it’s because we do. We have reviewed before, many times, how important it is to change your home’s air filters, how clean air filters help you breathe easy, and that dirty air filters can not only increase illness in your home, they can impact the lifespan of your HVAC unit. We talk about the air you are breathing inside your home time and time again, because nothing is as important as the air that we breathe, and it is one of the most forgotten about things that we find in many homes. Did you know that you don’t just have to rely on your air filters to help you have fresh air? Air scrubbers can help you with indoor air purification and give you something to be extra thankful for.

What are Air Scrubbers?

To put this simply, air scrubbers are devices that purify indoor air. An air scrubber is typically attached directly to the ductwork of your HVAC system. It removes air pollution, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), surface contaminants, pet dander, odors, and dust. It provides a cleaner, healthier, and more efficient home.

There are different types of air scrubbers. At Reimer Home Services, we install two types of air scrubbers: one that uses UVC light to kill and deactivate viruses, and one that uses ionization to remove contaminants from your home’s air. Air scrubbers can be whole-house or portable. It really depends on your home’s needs as to what is best.

What are the Benefits of an Air Scrubber?

The air inside your home could be two to five times more contaminated than outdoor air, so improving your indoor air quality should be a priority (EPA). By adding an air scrubber to your home, you are able to ensure you and your family are breathing in the best air possible, not just over the holidays, but throughout the year, and you can also expand the life of your HVAC unit by stopping contaminates before they make their way to it.

These air cleaning devices remove many things from your home’s air that you may not even think about:

Viruses: Air scrubbers kill or deactivate airborne viruses, by using ionization or UVC light. They work to help purify the home’s air and prevent virus from spreading indoors. With cold and flu season upon us, this is more important than ever.

Bacteria: You may not realize it, but many forms of airborne bacteria, trapped in your home’s air, can make you sick. Ionization and UVC light air scrubbers kill or deactivate bacteria, just like viruses.

Pollen and Allergens: While allergies are less of a concern during this time of the year than in the spring and summer, they can still cause issues all year round. These air cleaning devices can actively remove pollen and other common allergens from your home’s indoor air.

Mold and Mildew: Let’s face it, most homes have mold or mildew somewhere in them, and if it’s in your home, it’s in the air as well. Air scrubbers can kill or deactivate airborne mold spores, which will keep members from your household from getting sick.

Dust and Dirt: For as much dust and dirt as you can see around your home, there is a whole lot more in your home’s air. Air scrubbers use ions to make dust heavier, causing it to fall to the ground. So while you may have to get out your duster a little more often, you will not be breathing in the unhealthy particles.

Airborne Contaminants: There are so many airborne contaminants in your air that you likely don’t realize. Smoke, chemicals from finished furniture, home fragrances, and more. These devices can help to remove IAQ contaminants.

As we have reviewed before, poor indoor air quality can aggravate allergies, allow viruses to spread, make people sicker, and trigger breathing problems. Adding an air scrubber to your home can give your whole family something to be thankful for. Reimer Home Services can help you ensure you are breathing easy this holiday season and beyond.

What exactly is in our home’s air? Dust, dirt, pollen, and pet hair are common. But, many homes also have airborne mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and other chemical pollutants. It’s time to clear the air. Our team is up to the task. We install new air scrubbers from Nature’s Home that purify and clean indoor air.

To get an estimate on a new air scrubber, or to schedule an IAQ test, give us a call or contact us online.