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Are You Flushing Money Down the Drain with Low Toilet Bowl Water?

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Did You Know? Low Toilet Bowl Water Can Lead to Increased Flushing. That’s Money Down the Drain for You.

Having low toilet bowl water in your Buffalo home is not a major cause for alarm, but it is something you should watch for and know how to take care of.

The average American flushes 5 times per day, accounting for 24 percent of their daily water use. One toilet flush uses approximately 3.5 gallons of water with every flush. The most-efficient low-flush toilets bring that number down to 1.5 gallons per flush. Because toilets are used often, you may find the level of your toilet water low.

Adjusting Your Toilet Water

Most toilets allow for the water level to be adjusted at the tank of your toilet. Raising or lowering the toilet’s float height will change the water level in your toilet. Remove your tank cover and check the water level after the fill valve has shut off. It should be about one inch below the opening of the overflow tube.

The water level in a toilet bowl is determined by the height of the outlet of its internal P-trap. When the water level in the bowl is too high, it’s usually because the pipes are blocked, but when it’s too low, there are may be numerous reasons for the issue. If you have low toilet bowl water, you could face problems with flushing.

Common Causes for Low Toilet Bowl Water

The problem may be in your sewer line or with the toilet bowl itself. Your sewer line vent could be clogged. Flush another toilet or empty the bathtub in your Buffalo, New York home and listen for gurgling sounds. Your toilet bowl may also be cracked which can cause water to leak onto the bathroom floor.

The most common reason your toilet water level is low is because your fill tube is damaged or broken. This small, flexible plastic hose is the main control of your toilet’s water level. When it’s damaged, the water shuts off before the tank is appropriately filled. The toilet’s float arms or float height could also be causing the problem.

Low toilet bowl water in your toilet can lead to frequent blockage and issues when flushing. You could be flushing money down the drain by having to flush numerous times to clear your toilet. This will cause an increase in water used and could lead to higher water and sewer bills.

Professional Bathroom Plumbers in Your Area

There’s arguably no room more essential to your Buffalo, New York home than the bathroom. That’s why our plumbers, at Reimer Home Services, are bathroom plumbing repair experts, available Day or Night to help you out.

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What Our Clients Say

Chris and Kevin were excellent! The issue involved plumbing. Accomplished all that was needed at the time. They are returning for additional work as well. The annual contract has great value , and gives homeowner piece of mind when problems arise! I just signed up for mine!

-Kitty Testa

Chris L. Is a wonderful man. Put my mind at ease immediately when he looked at the problems which turned out not to be as bad as we thought. I will definitely use them again. Great service!

-Janice Kaled

Chris Reimer was at my home and did a great job was very nice guy to have work in my home and gave me no run arounds. I would for sure use again thank you very much!!

-Matthew Dillon

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