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Three situations where you need drain cleaning

There are few things worse than a clog that prevents you from using the shower, bathroom, or kitchen sink in your home. At best, clogs and blocked drains are a nuisance that can put a damper on your daily routine. At worst, a sewer blockage could pose a major threat to your home. Ranging from the relatively benign to the more serious, here are three situations in which you should call the professional plumbers at Reimer to have us perform a drain cleaning service.

When your sinks aren’t draining as fast as you’d like

A partial clog may not prevent you from using the fixture and drain, but it does mean that the situation will probably eventually get worse down the road. A partial clog may be a good time to call Reimer, so that we can address the situation before it becomes something that prevents you from using the drain altogether.

When you have a clog

This is most obvious reason to pick up the phone and call Reimer for plumbing help. A clog actively prevents you from using that bathroom or kitchen fixture or faucet. For the guest bathroom, that may not be the end of the world. But, losing access to the only shower in your home is a completely different matter that makes everything more urgent.

A clog could be several things, and none of them are particularly pleasant. Clogs in the bathroom sink or shower are usually caused by the accumulation of human hair. Clogs in the kitchen sink may be trapped food or accumulated grease or coffee grounds. By the way, never pour grease down the drain!

The plumbers at Reimer are clog-clearing experts with years of experience and the right tools to get the job done and make sure the drain is cleared. Using a variety of snakes and water jets, we can clear almost any obstruction.

When all your drains in your house are clogging at once

You turn on the shower, and the tub basin isn’t draining. Same thing will all the sinks and toilets in your house. If this happens to you, stop using all fixtures and immediately give Reimer a call for emergency service. Multiple drains blocked simultaneously could be a sign of a sewer blockage or backup, and continued addition of water could cause sewer water to come up through your drains. Obviously, this is not an ideal situation.

The good news is that Reimer is available Day or Night for emergency service, so you can call us immediately and we’ll send a plumber to inspect the situation and find a way to fix it. A sewer backup is one of the nastier and more extensive residential plumbing repairs, so you’ll want to trust an experienced plumber to apply the drain cleaning fix.

When clogs happen, call Reimer for drain cleaning

Since 1921, Reimer has been helping the residents of Western New York with their home service needs, from plumbing and drain cleaning to heating and cooling. Over the course of this century of service, generations of Buffalo families have come to trust Reimer to handle plumbing tasks both minor and major.

No matter what your plumbing or drain cleaning issue is, call Reimer for available Day or Night emergency service. Or, schedule your service with us.