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Here are the 5 signs you need furnace repairs this winter

We all know it: people in Western New York need their furnaces more than ever during the winter. Unfortunately, many older furnaces just aren’t up for the challenge of single digit lows every night. As furnaces break down throughout the Buffalo area and put their homes at risk of frozen pipes, Reimer is ready to help, with our Day or Night heating repair services. In this article, we’ll review the 5 big signs you need furnace repairs this winter, and what you can do to keep your heating system running right.

If you run into any heating problems during these cold months, call the team that Buffalo has trusted for nearly a century: Reimer. Our expert techs are ready to help you get your home comfortable and cozy again.

Signs you need furnace repairs this winter

Here are the five major signs you need furnace repairs from our expert techs:

1. There is no heat

Let’s start with obvious. One of the easiest ways to tell your furnace is broken is that no heat comes out. Many homeowners do not realize this is a problem until the temperature has already dropped substantially. Everyone should test their furnaces well before winter starts to make sure warm air comes out.

2. You hear loud noises when you turn the furnace on

You may hear some low, rumbling noises from the furnace all the time. If you hear anything outside of that, then it is time to get the professionals from Reimer Home Services to take a look. When the blower motors need to be fixed, you will generally hear loud, screeching noises.

3. The furnace never stops running

You should hear your furnace running at various points in the day when your home needs to be heated most. In the event it never shuts down, then it means your house is not warming up to the desired levels. This could also be a sign the system has dirty ducts or air filters.

4. Moisture is present

When you find moisture building up around the base, it means the system has a leak. The lines can clog up over time. Most of the time, you will also smell gas, which means you need to shut off the system immediately.

5. Your electric bills increase

Occasionally, you will not notice any of these signs, but you will see your gas bill increase. When you run the furnace, you should expect your bills to increase a little, but it should not be exorbitant. A substantial increase means your system is using way too much power to heat your home.

Don’t get left out in the cold

You should never be left in the cold this winter thanks to the help of Reimer Home Services. We serve all of western New York, including the Buffalo metro area. Contact us if you even suspect your furnace has an issue.