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Air Conditioning Issues | Know the Signs You May Have a Problem

Air Conditioning Issues

You don’t have to be an air conditioner or HVAC expert to know when there is an issue with your AC.

With the official start of summer less than a month away, it is highly likely you have turned on your AC and turned off the heat in your Buffalo, NY home. You may think that your HVAC system is ready for the warmer days ahead; however, when you turn it on or are using it, you may notice it is blowing warm air, making a buzzing sound, doesn’t work at all, or something else. No one wants to be without air conditioning when the temperature and humidity reach their peaks. We are going to review some air conditioning issues you may face throughout the warmer months, so you can know the signs before you have a major problem.  

Air Conditioning Issues and Signs that Indicate There may be a Problem Looming

You don’t have to be an air conditioner or HVAC expert to know when there is an issue with your AC. Most problems are pretty obvious. Resolving the problem may be a different story and may require you calling a Buffalo cooling expert to help.

Below we review some air conditioning issues that are pretty common, and take a look at some of the signs that point to a problem on the horizon.

You notice new, possibly annoying, sounds coming from your AC. If you have turned on your air conditioning and noticed new, possibly annoying sounds, your HVAC system may be trying to tell you something. If you hear a hissing, clicking, thumping or rattling, screeching, or buzzing, that is not normal, and there is an issue. When you hear these new noises, it could indicate that there is a refrigerant leak, blower issue, the condenser fan motor has a problem, there are loose parts, you have faulty electrical, or more. This is one sign you will not want to ignore because none of these issues are something you want to leave unattended, as they can lead to larger problems.

No air is coming out or it is warm. If your Buffalo air conditioning is on and there is no air coming out, or the air feels warm, this is a sign that you have a problem. There are reasons why your AC could be blowing warm air; however, some are easier than others to identify and fix. Check your thermostat for any issues and make sure you have clean unobstructed air filters. If you don’t notice an issue with your thermostat or air filters, there could be a problem with your condenser, refrigerant, air ducts, or something else. A HVAC expert can help find and fix the problem.

Something doesn’t smell right when your AC is on. The sniff text is one of the easiest ways to identify that you could have an air conditioning issue. Just like if you notice an odor coming from your furnace, if you smell something burning when your AC is on, there could be an electrical issue, the air filters could be dirty and clogged, or there could be another issue. Your first step should be to shut off the unit and check your air filters. If they are appear to be clean and unobstructed, you may have an electrical issue. You should not turn back on your unit until an AC repair professional has inspected it. Another sign of an issue in your future is if you notice a musty smell. This smell usually indicates that there could be mildew built up in your unit caused by improper drainage.

Your air conditioner will not turn on. One of the most obvious, and inconvenient, air conditioning issues is that it will not turn on. Maybe it kicked on when you initially started it and now will not come on, or it wouldn’t start at all. These are both issues. There may not be any signs that you will have this problem until you encounter it; however, there could be some easy solutions to resolve it. Check your thermostat to make sure it is at a low enough temperature to cause the air to kick on. Check the batteries. Is your thermostat set to AC? If you can’t find an issue with your thermostat, contact a local AC professional to help you resolve the problem.

When it comes to your AC, when you need it, the last thing you want to face are unexpected issues. We have only reviewed a few, easy to identify, air conditioning issues, as they are some of the more common problems we see.

At Reimer Home Services, our team repairs, maintains, and installs air conditioners. We work with all cooling systems and all makes and models. Our experienced techs are true experts in all things AC, from the condenser to the evaporator.

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